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Wandering Hoytemastraat...


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I wandered around today on Hoytemastraat (hoy-toma-strawtah) and looked in a couple of shops. I was so shocked by the prices! A pair of UGG slippers was 185Euros which is about $260!!! So, enough said, I didn't have the heart to spend that much money on slippers. I did buy 5 postcards though for E4.75 (E= Euros) and 5 stamps for E5. Pretty Crazy!

The people here are amazing! They are so different! Walking down the street (all cobbled stones) I passed by so many people. At home, there aren't really people out. But, here there are people walking their dogs, picking up their kids to school on bikes, and just taking a stroll around the block. And every single one of them stops to "Hallo" or "Dag" (pronounced 'dahk' with a phlegmy 'hk' kinda like you are hawking a loogy at the end of the word which is an informal way to say good day or goodbye) In the Post (stationary store) I waited in line to make my purchase and ask for some stamps. I said "Spreekt u Engels?" ( Do you speak English?) and the woman replied excitedly "Yes! Are you from America? I once went to San Fransisco. You heard of there yes?" I explained to her I lived in California about 6 hours south and it was pretty neat to see how excited she was.

All in all it was a good little exploration on my own!



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I have arrived!

Den Haag, Here I come!

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So... I have finally made it! I left Camarillo at 7:15 (PST) and made it to LAX by 9:30. I was through Security in no time and had a Starbucks in hand by 9:40. The I played the waiting game until the plane boarded at 11:00. The flight to Chicago was nice. No turbulance, no loud annoying people.. it was all good. My flight landed at 5:27 (CST) and the connecting flight was set to board at 5:17 and take off was at 6:02. I made it to the gate by 5:45 and was all set in my little pod. The seat was amazing (Thanks mom!) It laid down all the way, had a television that had movies and a even a map that showed where we were, and leg room!!!! On the flight to Amsterdam I napped a little, read my book a little, and just enjoyed the peace! I can't even think of words to explain how beautiful it was to see the sun rise on amsterdam. It was so beautiful! The land was flat, lush, green with little cottages dotting the countryside until you came up to the city itself. It was full of squished brick houses that looked at least 100 years old. The drive to Den Haag was quick, only about 45 minutes. I got to see my first Dutch windmill, see the Queens forest, and gawk at huge stone houses. Simply amazing!

I'll be back soon with some more!

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Getting Ready for the Big Move!

Packing up the apartment!

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So, yesterday was my first day of moving my things that I'm keeping to my mom's house. And it's starting to sink in that I'm actually leaving my apartment... my hometown... California... the US... the continent of North America. Oi. But, I'm looking forward to all of the experiences I get to have in The Hague and my subsequent visits to places around there. So far on the list: a week in London, a week in Barcelona, a couple weekends in Paris, Brussels, and possibly Germany. I also can't wait to explore Amsterdam and all of its glory! Minus a few parts of town :). I'll be back soon to update!

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